Derived from the Latin word “fiducia,” meaning trust, a fiduciary duty is a high standard of care, good faith and trust. It requires the fiduciary to put the interests of the client ahead of its own. As an independent investment adviser, Pasadena Private Wealth is required by law to assume its role of fiduciary and to put its clients’ interests ahead of its own.


Duties of Care and Loyalty

With regards to everyday type of activity, we must always represent you carefully, that is with prudence and dedication.  We also must always be loyal to you when conflicts or problems arise.  It means that we try to manage your investments as well or better than we manage our own investments, and that we try to disclose any material conflict or fact that could influence your purchasing decision.  In other words, the opposite of “Caveat Emptor: buyer beware


ERISA Fiduciary

For 401(k) plans and other qualified retirement accounts, we can act as official Plan Fiduciaries under section 3(21) or 3(38) of ERISA.  This is an even higher level of fiduciary responsibility, which generally requires us to avoid or eliminate any potential conflict rather than simply disclose it, even if this is in the best interest of the client.