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Investing in real estate is one of the world’s oldest and most tax-advantaged investments. We believe owning real estate is a central way of maintaining and growing wealth for generations.


Whether investing in real estate funds or individual properties, we help clients make informed decisions best aligned with their balance sheet.

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What We Do

1031 Exchanges

Real estate continues to be one of the best long term investments for our clients. Whether to simplify life or look for new tax advantages, we help clients find their next investment while deferring and minimizing liability.


Fund Investment (DSTs): A special vehicle that allows investors to pool funds in order to buy a properties with low investment amounts that are fully managed.


Pooled Investment: Tenants in common (TIC) are a group of investors combining resources to buy a direct property investment.


Direct Ownership: Identifying individual or groups of properties to purchase and operate.

Reasons to invest in real estate

Tax Advantages

Cash Flow

Hedge Against Inflation

Leverage Funds


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What We Do

Real Estate Advising & Transactions

When a client is not sure what the best path forward is with their real estate or finances, we look at the full picture and develop a plan to fit their needs. From selling a property and reinvesting in real estate funds to a 1031 exchange with our management, we have a variety of ways to advise and assist with real estate portfolios.


During a transaction, there are many pieces to the puzzle to be accounted for. We work with our clients and their brokers to ensure everything is done in a timely fashion, ensuring your assets are transitioned to the best place for you. We often identify new properties for an exchange in advance of a sale, allowing for a smoother process and better planning. Our team has vast experience in every asset class and area of the country, allowing us to diversify portfolios and accounts for any client goals.


Our expertise also enables us to advise when selling a business, as this may often involve real estate components. When deciding the terms of sale, incorporating our team allows for additional creative thinking to maximize your value when finalizing transaction details.


From Fortune 500 to “mom and pop,” our team has a boutique approach. We can be as hands on or off as our clientele need us to be. In person, on Zoom, via phone or email, we make ourselves available to help our clients achieve the best possible outcomes with their assets.

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``For successful families, Real Estate is a core asset. At Pasadena Private Wealth, we understand this. We have built a team of professionals who can assist you with managing your current holdings - assessing a potential sale or buy - while offering you investments allowing you to diversify your real estate portfolio in both property type and geography.``

Craig Colbath, Chief Operating Officer, Pasadena Private Wealth

Time is a precious commodity. Maximize yours with specialists who understand your unique needs. Contact Pasadena Private Wealth today.
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