More important than what we do and who we are, are the sets of values that drive us forward.  Our values are simple and time-tested:


Do the Right Thing

We believe in the Golden Rule:  treat people the way you would like to be treated. We have observed many of our clients who run family businesses, and we know that by treating clients, vendors and employees well, our practice will thrive.  Doing the right thing also means paying our fair share of taxes, volunteering to help the less fortunate, and being honest and upfront about our mistakes.  Finally, we pride ourselves in paying attention to details and not taking shortcuts as we understand that trust is not given, but earned over time.


Act with Care and Compassion

Paradoxically, while we spend countless hours digging into the numbers, we are cognizant of the fact that our business is more about heartbeats than spreadsheets.  To do our job well, we gain intimate knowledge of our clients’ goals and desires and they become our mission.  We understand that managing a family’s wealth is often about emotions and feelings, the one aspect of our job that cannot be computerized or robotized because it requires care and compassion.


Strive for Excellence

Our business requires attention to details, constant follow-up and methodic analysis.  These skills are acquired during a lifetime of learning and must be reinforced constantly through continuing education and intellectual curiosity.  We are driven by our professional ethics and a passion for excellence.  Indeed, we know that we are the stewards of our clients’ wealth and that we cannot fall asleep at the wheel.