Brad Feldman

Brad’s dynamic career, spanning accounting, valuations, management consulting, and entrepreneurship, has uniquely positioned him as a valuable advisor to small and mid-cap business owners on development, growth, and strategic exit planning.


Starting in audit at Price Waterhouse and advancing into valuations, Brad addressed diverse projects from bank rollups to film libraries. His pivot to management consulting at AT&T Solutions saw him aiding major corporations to navigate the burgeoning Internet landscape with innovative technology strategies.


At the forefront of entrepreneurial ventures, Brad was instrumental in pioneering ventures that helped transform the landscape in how the public now consumes media and advertising. His ability to navigate obstacles with creativity and partnership expedited new product launches and increased value in emerging companies.


In his tenure at Pasadena Private, Brad’s 30+ years of experience are the bedrock of his approach to assisting business owners in enhancing their company’s value and achieving successful exits.


Beyond the office, Brad has a zeal for building things, traveling, and exploring to fill his life with new experiences along with his wife, three daughters, and two Frenchies. Brad has a B.A. in Psychology from UCSB and an MBA from Duke University. His enduring vision is to scale the advisory and exit planning business at Pasadena Private, shepherd business owners to profitable exits, and cultivate a legacy of continuous discovery and impact.