Shawn Damiani

Director of Business Management

As a seasoned financial director with over 25 years’ experience with accounting and business operations, Shawn shares her expertise and insight into the financial and business management needs of Pasadena Private Financial Group. Throughout her career, she has spearheaded initiatives optimizing financial performance, enhancing cost efficiency, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Her experience with law firm business operations encompasses a wide range of responsibilities including human resources, strategic planning, technology integration and client relationship management. This unique blend of financial expertise and operational insight positions her as a versatile leader capable of driving efficiency and effectiveness across all facets of business management and operations. Shawn leverages her knowledge and skills to ensure Pasadena Private excels in internal financial management and continues to thrive in building and nurturing client relationships.


Outside of her professional life, Shawn cherishes time with family and friends with destinations that include the Colorado River, Nascar races, Pickleball courts and concerts. She also enjoys relaxing with a good book and solving puzzles.