When your name is on the door, your business and personal financial goals are inextricably linked. PPW helps entrepreneurs and their families navigate the complex financial issues that can affect their business and their personal net worth.


Entrepreneurs and executives face specific financial challenges that we understand:

  • Your primary focus is growing sales and reducing expenses such as interest and taxes.
  • Your wealth is concentrated in illiquid assets such as your business and commercial real estate.
  • You often lack the time to organize your financial life, create a wealth transfer strategy, acquire key-man insurance or coordinate for retirement and business succession.
  • The liquid assets you have accumulated are your emergency nest egg; you prefer to keep them in conservative investments until you have a liquidity event.


Every day you take risks and invest all your energy to grow your business. Our team supports your focus on the business while we help you manage your investments and assist in taking care of your individual financial needs. Whether you are still growing your business or preparing to sell it and retire, we can help you take important steps toward your financial goals.